Commercial Fences

There are many types of commercial fencing available for business owners and property managers to choose from. Many factors are calculated when choosing the type of fence for a business, such as the level of security needed or the aesthetic value desired (if any).  A good example of this would be a school, whose main concern would be to prevent unauthorized people from entering the premises (while keeping kids in). They would be more likely to consider the safety aspects first, and the attractiveness second, whereas the function of a swimming pool is safety and security.

There are many common types of commercial fencing. Here are a few that we specialize in: Chain link, which is arguably the most familiar type of commercial fencing. It is made using a galvanized coating to make the fence weather resistant, and to prevent rust.

Wood Fences are most commonly associated with residential properties, however they do well on commercial properties, as well. The most often used types of wood used are cedar and pressure-treated, which both stand up well to climate variances and offer years of maintenance-free service.

Vinyl fencing is available in a myriad of styles, ranging from solid fences (for privacy) to picket fences, for beauty. The main benefits of vinyl fencing are their resistance to impact and chip, and they don’t rot, fade, crack, or need painting.

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