Deer Fence

A garden is a great way to liven up the exterior of your home. They are easy on the eyes and can even increase property value. That being said, you don’t want deer or other wild animals getting in and ruining the garden you worked so hard on. The solution? Get a deer fence. These durable fences bounce back after impact and keep animals out without obscuring your view, as they can be easily seen through. Our trained experts can help find the right fence to protect your garden, backed by our satisfaction guaranteed installation.

Benefits of Having Deer Fencing:

  • While they can ward off deer, a deer fence will also prevent other animals such as bears, horses, cows, rabbits, and even human intruders from invading.
  • Although you can easily see through your deer fence, it’s still tough as nails. Commonly made of polypropylene, deer fences bounce back to original shape after impact, making them very difficult for animals to damage.
  • Deer carry with them fleas and Lyme disease infected ticks, which is an illness that can be deadly to humans. Repelling deer from your yard is the most effective way to stay clear of Lyme disease.
  • While most fences are up forever, deer fences can be easily put up and taken down seasonally and are a low maintenance option.

Here at Dave’s Fencing, we will work our hardest to provide you with the durable, low maintenance deer fence of your choice, installed by our service experts and backed by our satisfaction guarantee. Call us at 406.431.6182 to get your deer fence today!

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