Pet Fence

Pet owners may think that a pet fence is only necessary for outdoor dogs and cats, however this isn’t the case. All domestic animals need time to play outdoors, exposure to and socialize with other pets, and the ability to explore new terrain. Dog fences give owners the ability to train their dogs without having to leave their own backyard, while cat fences are guaranteed to keep cats from wandering, getting lost, or even being stolen. 

Benefits of pet fences:

  • Socialization with our pets is guaranteed, allowing them the freedom to roam without the fear of your beloved pet wandering off.
  • Allows dogs the minimum 30 minutes of daily activity they require to maintain healthy bones and joints.
  • Keeps pets from wandering off in a much more humane way then shock collars or electric fences.
  • Easy to install, and maintain. They don’t rust, chip, or splinter – making them safe for your pets, too.

When you’re ready to install your pet fence and let your fur-babies wander and roam with no worries or fears, contact our dedicated and professional team to install your pet fence. Call us at 406.431.6182  today for your free estimate!

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