Snow Fence

Snow fences are an extremely useful fence come winter in Montana. With an average of 37 inches of snow per year, Montana’s winters are cruel, cold, and white. Snow fences are often found in nature, in the form of trees, shrubs and native grasses, but if you’ve not been lucky enough to have this on your property, then you may want to look into having Dave’s Fencing install your snow fence. 

A 4’ high snow fence can catch up to 8,400 pounds of snow for each foot of length, which can be used as a very resourceful form of protection for your home, your family, your driveways, and your livestock.

Snow fencing can be used to put the snow where you want it: for example, farmers can collect snow in areas where they can use it as a water supply when it melts.

Snow fencing is also much more economical than salting and plowing your roads/driveways. Both of those processes can be harmful and damaging to your pavement, which could lead to expensive repairs. 

A Snow fence is horizontal to the main wind direction, and upwind of the area in which you want to protect. As the wind and snow force its way through the fence, the resistance causes the snow to fall and pile on the front facing side of the fence. This keeps your land, your home, your roads, and your cattle free from life threatening snow piles.

If you’re interested in protecting your home and livestock from the driving snow piles this winter, give us a call at 406.431.6182 today, and get your free estimate!

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