Wood Fences

Dave’s Fencing is your trusted provider of quality wood fences. Wood fences offer a timeless look that enhances any home or property while providing solid functionality. If your property is bordering another perimeter, wood fences will provide the best look from both sides. There are a wide variety of different height options to choose from, so regardless if you are worried about a rambunctious dog or home intrusions, we can adjust the height to meet your needs. Wood fences provide you with security and beauty in a variety of styles, allowing us to find one that’s right for you. If you need a professional fence contractor in Montana, call Dave’s Fencing today at 406.431.6182 and let us know how we can assist you in your fencing project.

There are many different types of wood fences to choose from, including:

  • Solid Style – This sturdy fence offers privacy and security. It is perfect for a home with children, pets, or valuable backyard belongings. It will be virtually impossible to peer into a yard or property with this fence style.
  • Good Neighbor – This fence still provides privacy, and looks great from either side. If the perimeter of your yard goes right up to another property, this may be the best option. This fence ensures the fence has the same great look on both sides. 
  • Lattice Top – This is a stylish and unique way to top your fence and add character to your backyard! This can give your home additional value and beauty. Lattice tops provide even more ways to individualize your fence. Available in several different styles, it allows you to customize your fencing in a fun way.
  • Split Rail – This is a classic look that is great for setting boundaries. Split rail fencing enhances a large yard or pasture with practicality and simplicity. It is perfect for defining a large property.
  • Picket Fence – Picket fences are perfect for adding curb appeal and value to your home. It is a classic look which will enhance any property. Create a traditional look that is pleasing to the eye with a wood picket fence.

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